Saint Joseph Academy Students Experienced Chinese Calligraphy at CSU (Ohio)

                                                                                                  Megan Hsiao

The students from the Chinese class and the Chinese club at Saint Joseph Academy visited Cleveland, Ohio, for a Chinese culture field trip. As the second part of the trip, students attended a calligraphy workshop provided by Profs. Xiaocong Ding and Shunqin Li at the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University on November 2.

The students first learned about the four treasures and some basic forms of calligraphy through an introduction presentation. Then, with the help of Megan Hsiao (Chinese teacher at Saint Joseph Academy) and Yufei Guo (Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University), the two calligraphy professors demonstrated the basic writing strokes and guided each student on the writing with calligraphy brush. The students all enjoyed this special calligraphy workshop and expressed that they would like to know and experience more about calligraphy! Learning the calligraphy not only enhances the students' interests in the language but also extends their understanding about the Chinese culture and history. This calligraphy session indeed was the highlight of this field trip.