Ren Li Demonstrated and Taught Calligraphy at 2018 Sharon Indian-Chinese Cultural Day

The “2018 Sharon Indian-Chinese Cultural Day” was held on October 26 at Canton High School, MA, and more than 200 local residents attended the event and explored the Indian and Chinese cultures. Ms. Ren Li,  Chinese language teacher at Brockton High School and Chinese calligraphy teacher at Sharon Chinese School, demonstrated and taught Chinese calligraphy writing to people that stopped at her Chinese calligraphy booth.  Ms. Li taught them how to hold the writing brush and how to write strokes.  A few Indian girls actively participated in calligraphy writing on spot and fell in love with the art right away! Many parents hope to sign up for the calligraphy class and were even willing to send their children to learn the art in the future. Ms. Li was thrilled by the success of the event, and, as a life-long member of American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education (ASSCE), she would like to see more people learn and enjoy the beauty and benefit of Chinese calligraphy.