American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education, Inc. (ASSCE) serves the needs and interests of educators, researchers, practitioners, students and enthusiasts of East Asian calligraphy (Chinese 書法 shufa, Japanese書道 shodō, Korean書藝 seoye) in North America and beyond. Through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, the ASSCE website, and other venues of academic and social exchange, we seek to advance the professional and non-professional goals of its members as well as the general public in the teaching, learning, and understanding of East Asian calligraphy in its traditional and modern forms.

Our mission is rooted in the following core values:

  • Integration: We are dedicated to promoting a broad-based, interdisciplinary approach to East Asian calligraphy education. Critical to this approach is effective integration of calligraphic theory, practice, and pedagogy in meaningful humanistic, sociocultural, and scientific contexts.
  • Innovation: We are committed to developing new and creative theories, methods, materials, and means of research, teaching and learning in East Asian calligraphy in the digital age.
  • Inclusiveness: We are open to engaging a diverse audience interested in East Asian calligraphy and related subjects. Potential topics of discourses include but are not limited to traditional and modern visual arts that employ writing, linguistic and cultural studies pertinent to writing systems, as well as comparative research on calligraphic traditions and practices in East Asia and other regions and cultures.

Our mission encompasses the following major objectives:

  • Promote East Asian calligraphy education in colleges, K-12 schools, and local community or cultural centers;
  • Advance public interest in and understanding of East Asian calligraphy;
  • Provide a virtual forum for East Asian calligraphy artists to exhibit their work to the public;
  • Organize and sponsor conferences, workshops, and lectures for East Asian calligraphy educators to present research findings and hone pedagogical skills.



  • 整合:我们致力于倡导一种基础宽广、跨越学科的东亚书法教育方式,其关键在于将书法理论、实践和教学法在人文、社会、科学的语境中有效地整合起来。
  • 创新:我们致力于在数码时代开发和创新东亚书法研究与教学的理论、材料、方法和方式。
  • 包容:我们以开放的态度,致力于与对东亚书法及相关学科感兴趣的各界人士对话合作,话题包括运用书写传统和现代视觉艺术,与书写系统有关的语言学和文化研究,以及对东亚和其它地区和文化的书法传统和实践的比较研究。


  • 推动东亚书法教育在高校,中小学和地方社区或文化中心的发展;
  • 促进公众在东亚书法方面的兴趣以及对书艺的理解;
  • 提供东亚书法艺术家向公众展示作品的虚拟空间;
  • 举办和资助会议、研讨会、讲座,为东亚书法教育者提供分享研究成果和切磋磨练教学技能的场所。