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ASSCE is a selective organization. To be an ASSCE member, one needs to:

  1. abide by the law and bylaws,
  2. have calligraphy learning/practicing experience, and
  3. be teaching or to teach calligraphy in North America.

Member Benefits:

  • Assistance in connecting with shufa calligraphers with institutions and communities for events, teaching, workshops and much more.
  • Promotion of your publications, calligraphy works, and other works to a wider audience.
  • Attend ASSCE organized academic conferences at a premium registration rate.
  • Have the opportunities to join the ASSCE workshops, calligraphy demos, and panels at relevant conferences or conventions hosted by ACTFL or CLTA
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts for conference related accommodations and tours

Membership Fee:

  • $30 for the one-year regular membership
  • $70 for the three year membership
  • $120 for the five year membership
  • $300 for the life-long membership
  • $15 for the one-year student membership

Procedure for membership application:


Complete the ASSCE Member Form and email it to "". Wait until an approval email reaches you.

Or, fill out this form online:


After you receive the approval, pay for the membership by clicking

or Click HERE to pay for the 1-yr Regular ($30), 3-yr Regular ($70), or 5-yr Regular ($120) membership. To pay for the 1-yr Student ($15) or Life-long ($300) Membership, put the right amount in the "Any Amount" box.

Optionally, you can write a check, payable to ASSCE, and MAIL it to

Dr. Li-hua Ying

316 Church ave, Germantown, NY 12526 


Once your payment is received, ASSCE will issue you the member certificate (in PDF).


We also accept donations. To donate, please click on
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or click DONATE or

We appreciate your generosity! Thanks!