11th International Calligraphy Education Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the American Society of  Shufa  Calligraphy Education:

We are pleased to inform you that the 11th International Calligraphy Education Conference will be held at Beijing Normal University on July 6-9, 2018. The deadline for paper proposals, work proposals and registration is February 28, 2018.  We sincerely hope that all of you will be able to attend this conference in Beijing. Please share this information with other colleagues and friends who are interested in calligraphy education. Thank you for your consistent support of ASSCE. If you have any questions, please contact me at tangj@geneseo.edu.

The steering committee for the conference are as follows:

Public Relations: Madeline Chu陈曼丽/Suzy Zen錢沈育三
Paper/Calligraphy Review: Wendan Li李文丹/ Yu Li李煜 (Paper)
Bertrand Mao毛先绒/Harrison Tu屠新时 (Calligraphy)
Website: Meijing Huang 黄美婧

Jasmine Tang
President of the 11th International Calligraphy Education Conference








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